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Assembling the Holiday House Box | Technique Friday

August 2, 2019

Happy Technique Friday, crafters!

Today, Els is showing us how to assemble the new Holiday House Box. This is perfect for decorative box for gifts, battery-operated candles, your tree and more!

Watch the tutorial, download the project sheet, and shop the supplies –– all on the Technique Friday Project Page!

Let us know if you’ve tried this project!

Happy Crafting!

Susan's Garden Club

Canning Jar and Holly Treat/Gift Holders

December 19, 2016


Hi everyone, Annette Green here today with Susan’s Garden Team. With the holidays quickly approaching, you might find yourself short on time and in need of quick, inexpensive gift ideas with a personal touch. Today I’m sharing an easy treat holder idea using Susan’s die, some pattern paper and trims. These sweet little holders could be filled with candy (like mine), a gift card, money or even a small gift. Let me show you how fun and easy these are to make.

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Pop it Ups

Wine Bottle Tag

September 18, 2014

Good morning, Karen Aicken here! For today’s post I’m sharing a project I love to make for little gifts – Wine Bottle Tags or Hangers. They dress up a bottle of wine on your dinner table and can be personalized when you are bringing a bottle of wine or cider as a hostess gift.


1.  Cut heavy-weight cardstock 3-1/4″ wide and 8″ long. I used black cardstock that had been painted with metallic acrylic paint.

2.  Score a line at 2-3/4″ across one of the short ends. This will be the part that fits over the wine bottle, and the top of your wine bottle tag.

3.  Leading with the top edge, slip the whole strip OVER the Lorna Label centre, and UNDER the top edge. You only want to cut the very top edge. Run it through your cutting machine just til the top edge cuts, then back it out.



4.  Repeat with the bottom edge.

5.  Trim away the excess cardstock and you have the base of your wine bottle tag.


6.  Using the scalloped circle die from the Ring Accordion die set, center it between the top edge and your score line and both the sides. Run it through your machine and set aside the little scalloped circle for another project.


7.  Using the Crystal Flowers, die cut one large flower and one small circle from black cardstock.

8.  Carefully adhere the largest flower from the Crystal Flowers Peel-off sheet to the die cut.
Tip: the Peel-off doesn’t fit exactly. If the center is a little skewed that’s fine – you will be covering this up.

9.  Adhere one of the solid gold Peel-off flowers to black cardstock and fussy cut leaving a narrow border.

10.  Use foam tape in the center, and adhere this smaller flower to the center of the large one.

11.  Add a gold Peel-off circle to the black cardstock circle and adhere this over the center of the solid flower with foam tape. Set your finished flower aside.

12.  Cut a 1″ wide strip of black cardstock 1″ longer than the word Peel-off you have chosen for your wine bottle hanger. This will give you 1/2″ on either side of your word. (Note: the strip in the photos is wider than 1″ to make it easier to see the technique.)


13.  I have a tip to aid you in adding these larger word Peel-offs to your projects so they are straight and do not stretch! Trim the word you want to use away from the rest of the sheet.

14.  Turn it face down and carefully fold the backing paper back, about 1/3 of the way up.


15.  Line up the bottom of your letters onto your black cardstock strip. When you are happy with the placement, press the bottom of your letters down, then gently peel up and away the rest of the backing sheet. Press down the top of your letters and you should have it placed perfectly!



16.  Now that your word Peel-off is attached, use scissors to cut ‘fish tails’ from each end. Trim the top and/or bottom of your strip as desired. You could trim your strip first, but I find I have better luck trimming after I attach the words.

17.  Adhere this strip to the wine bottle tag base with foam tape as shown.

18.  Adhere the layered flower with foam tape as shown.

19.  Use some of the circles and rings from the Peel-off sheet to decorate the rest of your tag.

20.  Hang on a bottle of wine, gourmet olive oil, or apple cider and it’s ready to go!



I’ve also made different wine bottle tags packaged in cello bags and given them as hostess gifts. Everyone seemed to love them and enjoyed using them on their own gifts and tables. I hope you liked my project and will try your hand at making some wine bottle tags, maybe getting a head start on some holiday gifts!


Elizabeth Craft Designs supplies:

924 Crystal Flower Set 1 die

2579 Crystal Flowers Peel-offs in Gold

2578 Congratulations Peel-offs in Gold

915 Lorna Label Pop Up (to cut the top and bottom edges)

904 Ring Accordion (Scalloped Circle – to cut the hole)


Other supplies:

Black metallic painted card stock – my stash

Black cardstock

Foam tape

Pop it Ups

Gift Accordion Card

June 13, 2014


Hi everyone,

It’s Frances here today. For the past few months I have been having fun combining the Circle Accordion and the Fancy Label Accordion cards to create something a little different. These are so easy to do and I thought I would share with you how you can create this style of cards too.

Here’s how I created my card:


1. Cut two panels (one blue & one green) using the Circle Accordion Card die.

2. Cut one panel from yellow using the Fancy Label Accordion Card Die.

3. Cut two white circles using the largest circle from the Circle Accordion Card die set.

4. Cut one fancy label using the Fancy Label Accordion Card die set.


5. Cut 4 blue and 8 yellow frames edges using the Square with Circle Frame Edge die.

6. Cut 4 green frame edges using the Fancy Label Frame Edge die.

Tip: Apply Double Sided Adhesive Paper to the back of your card prior to die cutting the frame edges. This makes it easier when adhering to the accordion pages.

7. Adhere the yellow frame edges to the back and front of the blue Circle Accordion panel, the blue frame edges are adhered to the front of the green Circle Accordion panel  and the green frame edges to the front of the Yellow Fancy Label Panel.


8. Layout all three Accordion panels as per the photo above. Note that the tab on the Circle Accordion panel on the right is next to the the Fancy Label Accordion panel (normally this would be on the far right).

9. Remove the tab from the Fancy Label Accordion panel (note – if we were making a normal accordion card using only the Circle Accordion Card die or the Fancy Label Accordion Card die (not both together) we would remove the tab from the last panel)


10. Apply adhesive (tape or glue) to the tabs on the Circle Accordion panels and join the three panels together.

Decorating the Accordion Panels:

GiftAccordion6-wm11. Cut a piece of Double Sided Adhesive sheet approx 4.25  inches x 3 inches. Remove the release sheet from one side of the adhesive and set aside upside down on your desk (shiny side up). Adhere your Double Sided Adhesive sheet to a piece of white card the same size.

2. From the Gifts Peel-Off Sticker sheet remove the two tall gifts and two gift tags. Place these sticky side up onto the release sheet that we set aside earlier.

3. Take your white card and place it with the adhesive side facing down onto the release sheet with the Peel-Offs on it. The Peel-Offs will lift from the release sheet and stick to the adhesive on the card stock.

4. Turn your card so that the release sheet is now on top. Take off the release sheet and make sure not to touch the adhesive. You have now transferred your outline sticker.

5. Cover the adhesive with Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter and polish with your finger. You can see a video Els created using this technique here. Color your images as desired. Cut out the 2 gifts and the two tags.


6. Use foam tape to adhere a gift and tag to each white circle die cut in step 3. Attach circles to each of the Circle Accordion panels using foam tape.



7. Using the Happy Birthday (783) die and the Thinking of You (789) die, die cut a piece of Light Blue Velvet Adhesive Sheet.

8. Set aside the words “Happy”, “Birthday” and “You”.

9. From the word “Thinking” cut off the letter “T” and from the word “of” cut off the letter “o”. Flip the letter “o” so that the letter can join onto the letter “T” as per photo above.

10. Adhere the greeting “Happy Birthday To You” onto the white fancy label  die cut in step 4. Attach fancy label to the Fancy Label Accordion panels using foam tape.


11. Die cut the fishtail banner included in the Lots of Pops Pop-Up Card set from white card.

12. Using the Friends (720) die, die cut a piece of Light Green Velvet Adhesive Sheet. Trim off the letter “s” from the end of the word so you are left with the word Friend.

13. Adhere the word Friend to the fishtail banner created in step 11. Attach to the top left hand corner on the front of the accordion as per the photo above.


Thanks for stopping by today!


Elizabeth Craft Designs
Gifts Peel-Off Stickers (2544)
Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter (641)
Accordion Circle Card (769) designed by Karen Burniston
Accordion Fancy Label Card (771) designed by Karen Burniston
Square with Circle Frame Edge (770) designed by Karen Burniston
Fancy Frame Edge (774) designed by Karen Burniston
Lots of Pops Pop-Up Card (778) designed by Karen Burniston
Happy Birthday Die (783)
Thinking of You Die (789)
Friends Die (720)
Light Blue Velvet Sheet (408)
Light Green Velvet Sheet (410)
Double Sided Adhesive (502)

White Card
Blue Card
Yellow Card
Green Card
Foam Tape

Pop it Ups

Lucy Label Pop Up Gifts Card

May 24, 2014

Hello to all our worldwide crafting friends!! (I really love how crafting and blogging makes me feel like I have a huge bunch of lovely like-minded friends ‘out there’!) It’s Helen here today, sharing a Pop Up ‘n’ Peel-Offs card.



1. Cut a piece of bright pink cardstock to approx. 10.5” x 4.5”. Put a crease across the middle.

2. Cut a piece of pale pink cardstock to approx. 4 3/8” x 6”. Put a crease across the middle.

3. Die cut the pale pink cardstock with the Lucy Label Pop Up die, and emboss it with the Lots of Dots Embossing Folder.

4. Adhere the pale pink cardstock piece inside the bright pink cardstock piece, as pictured above.

5. Adhere two thin strips of pale pink cardstock (4.5” x 0.25”) near the top and bottom borders of the card, and adhere two 4.5” lengths of black ric-rac, overlapping the pale pink strips slightly.

6. Adhere a 4.5” length of bright pink pom pom trim, just below the ric-rac nearest the top of the card.

7. Die cut ‘Happy Birthday’ from black cardstock, and adhere to the pom pom trim.

8. Add a strip of Ribbon Flowers Peel-Off Stickers, just above the pale pink cardstock, as pictured below. Add adhesive gems to the centres of the flowers.


9. Cut a white cardstock label from the Lucy Label decorator dies, and adhere to the Lucy Label
Pop Up.

10. Use three of the Gifts Peel-Off Stickers, and glitter them, colour them, and cut them out, as shown by Els in this tutorial. Attach them as shown above to the pop-up parts of the card.

11. Add the negative parts of the three Gifts Peel-Off Stickers, using Transfer Sheets, with the method shown in this tutorial.

Elizabeth Craft Designs products:

(717) Happy Birthday
(1262) Ribbon Flowers Peel-Off Stickers
(2544) Gifts Peel-Off Stickers
(779) Lucy Label Pop Up
(641) Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter
(501) Double-sided Adhesive
(E114) Lots of Dots Embossing Folder
(802) Fine pointed Scissors
(600) Transfer Sheet

Other Products:

Bright Pink cardstock
Pale Pink cardstock
Black cardstock
White cardstock
Black ric-rac
Bright Pink pom pom trim
Copic pens
Small Adhesive Gems
Adhesive foam pads / Tape runner / White craft glue


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