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Shimmer Sheetz Sunday: Flower Power

April 1, 2018

Judi Kauffman

For today’s tutorial I’m skipping the April showers and heading straight to the May flowers. Shimmer Sheetz flowers, that is… Though I’ve planted them on bright and happy cards, these blooms are waterproof so you could pop them onto a potted plant, string them as a garland to hang at an outdoor party, or with a few minor tweaks use them to decorate napkin rings, tennis shoes or flip flops, hair bows and all sorts of accessories and other projects!

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Shimmer Sheetz

Shimmer Sheetz Sunday: Five-Minute Bookmarks

March 4, 2018

By Judi Kauffman

 I haven’t yet converted to eBooks and probably won’t. I love the heft of a good novel, I enjoy turning actual paper pages and when it’s time for a break, tucking in a bookmark. I use bookmarks in my cookbooks to keep track of favorite recipes. I include them whenever I give a book as a gift. And, as you have probably guessed, I LOVE making them!

Shimmer Sheetz is an excellent starting point for bookmarks. It’s sturdy, lightweight and durable, and it looks downright elegant.

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A Way With Words Shimmer Sheetz

Happy Birthday Friend

February 17, 2018

 by Judi Kauffman

So many people have requested masculine cards that I thought I’d head in that direction today. It’s an oversized card meant to hang on the wall, though you could make a smaller size version with only one star. If you plan to mail it in an envelope, skip the bead at the top.

As with almost all papercrafting projects, switching the color combination and a few other elements will give the card a very different look. Choose bright color flowers instead of stars, polka dots instead of wood grain cardstock, or combine pastel butterflies with cardstock printed or stenciled with clouds in soft shades of blue. Voila! The transformation is complete…

One little secret: The die for the word ‘Friend’ has an ‘s’ on the end so you’ll need to do a bit of careful trimming to change it from a plural noun.

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Elizabeth Craft Designs General Shimmer Sheetz

Shimmer Sheetz Sunday: Scalloped Circle Cards and GIVEAWAY Winners!

January 7, 2018

By Judi Kauffman

Before we start today’s tutorial — We’re excited to announce the names of the three winners in the Shimmer Sheetz GIVEAWAY. Each person will receive three 3-sheet 5″ x 12″ packs of Shimmer Sheetz in their choice of colors.
The winners are Crystal Williams, Angelina Quinones, and Marjorie Isaline Dumontier. 
To arrange for the shipment of your prize, please send an email with “WINNER” in the subject line and your mailing address within the email to by January 10.
We would also like to apologize for the technical difficulties that kept some of you from being able to leave comments on the blog. We are working hard to make sure this does not happen in the future.

I’m kicking off 2018 with some super simple cards. Care to join me? Each of them uses only two dies.

Though I chose the Scalloped Circles die set for the main element on all three – an embossed and lightly-sanded Shimmer Sheetz circle, you could easily substitute other circles from the collection, Stitched or Fitted, if you prefer smoother edges.

I chose an ornate embossing folder with ribbons and flowers and combined Fire Opal Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz with its coppery look and silver core (revealed when sanded) with solid color cardstock in shades of peachy pink and orange, a palette that skews toward the feminine without being overly sweet.

Switch the embossing folder and color combination as you choose! For example: With smooth-edged circles and an embossing folder that looks like metal plates (Gold, Silver or Basic Black Shimmer Sheetz) the cards will be decidedly masculine. With a folder like Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Heart Strings (Red or White Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz), you’re ready for Valentine’s Day!

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Shimmer Sheetz

Shimmer Sheetz Sunday: Liners for Smart Phone Cases + GIVEAWAY

December 31, 2017

By Judi Kauffman

Happy New Year! Elizabeth Craft Designs is celebrating the start of 2018 with a Shimmer Sheetz Sunday Giveaway! Three lucky winners will each receive three 5″x12″ 3-sheet packs of Shimmer Sheetz in the colors of your choice. Leave a comment about today’s project or any other project featuring Shimmer Sheetz (your own or something from the ECD blog) at the end of this post by January 4 to enter the random drawing. Winners’ names will be announced on January 7.

This is my last Shimmer Sheetz Sunday post for 2017 and it’s all about getting a new wardrobe for 2018…one that doesn’t require shedding ten pounds, needs no trip to the mall, costs very little and you can make it yourself! No, we’re not talking about clothes – this wardrobe is for your smart phone!

When I went to get a new protective case for my phone I couldn’t find anything that seemed just right, so I bought a simple translucent gray one, but it was so boring and plain that I took matters into my own hands: I made a Shimmer Sheetz ‘liner’ for it! A piece of Turquoise Gemstone and an embossing folder with a bird, and my phone was suddenly a thing of beauty instead of a simple black rectangle.

I showed it to a friend who thought that the concept was fabulous. She also suggested that I buy a transparent case instead, and that made an enormous difference – as you can see from the photos below. She bought herself a transparent case for her iPhone and put me to work making phone case liners for her.

I was off and running…They take about five minutes each, start to finish!

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Becky Seddon Shimmer Sheetz

Shimmer Sheetz Sunday: Snowflake Ornaments

December 10, 2017

By Judi Kauffman

Shimmer Sheetz ornaments add a special touch to a tree, mantel, or gift box. They’re also fun to mail instead of – or inside of – a holiday card!

Each of the three snowflakes in the new die set includes partially-cut elements that can be bent upward for dimension, a beautiful detail. Instead of cutting the snowflakes out of sparkly Shimmer Sheetz, I went for the opposite, the unexpected: Matte snowflakes with a sparkly 2-layer Shimmer Sheetz background.

Match the color of the snowflake to the color of the outer circle (Shown: White Iridescent SS). Choose a contrasting color for the Stitched Circle just behind the snowflake (Shown: Ruby Gemstone and Fire Opal Gemstone SS). See the supply list for more color options or pick your own combo!

Shimmer Sheetz is a challenge to photograph, but amazing in person, and the way light reflects off the surface of the Stitched Circle makes the ornaments really special.

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A Way With Words Shimmer Sheetz

With Sympathy

December 2, 2017

by Judi Kauffman

     Alas, I recently needed sympathy cards for the widow and son of a dear, dear man from Vermont. He loved being out in nature, so I turned to colors, textures and shapes that reflect and celebrate that part of his life: Ferns and ivy, marble and stone; a palette of blue, gray (silver), rust, green, mustard (gold) and brown – matte mixed with shiny, muted without being entirely somber.

I wanted to create cards that were appropriately respectful without being overly sad. I hope that is what I have achieved, and that the idea will be useful to you when you are called upon to send condolences.

There are two versions.

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Becky Seddon Die Cut Designer Challenge Elizabeth Craft Designs General Krista Schneider Shimmer Sheetz Soft Finish Cardstock

Snowflake Holiday Card

November 28, 2017

Hi Everyone, it’s Tina here from the Die Cut Team. There are less than 4 weeks to finish your holiday projects. Today’s tutorial is a simple yet elegant Snowflake Holiday Card that is easy to mass produce. Below you will find the steps to replicate this card.

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