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Planner Inspiration from Els

January 3, 2019

I think all of us here at the office have fallen in love with the new Planner Essentials Collection !

Just before the new year, we all sat around the craft table and started our very first planners –– it was so exciting! Even though we had an idea of how we wanted to create each page, we couldn’t help but think: ‘what would Els do?’

The truth is, we’re just as inspired with Els’ projects as our community is! She surprises us everyday with unique and thoughtful designs. Here are a few pages from her 2019 planner to help get you going this year.

Find the Planner Essentials Collection here:

Planner Essentials

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Your First Planner

November 27, 2018


Like many others in the crafting community, we have been *not-so-secretly* obsessed with all of the images of planners, bullet-journaling, etc. on social media. Each one is like a beautiful piece of art, reflecting its artist’s own style and needs.

We decided a while ago that we wanted in on this new crafty venture, but wanted to do it a little differently than what we had seen. When we started creating our first planner collection, we designed each piece carefully, to ensure that crafters could personalize it and really make it their own –– we made them flexible, customizable and ready for your creative touch!

With the help of our fabulous design team, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things to keep in mind when creating your first planner or bullet journal:

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