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Shimmer Sheetz Sunday: Liners for Smart Phone Cases + GIVEAWAY

December 31, 2017

By Judi Kauffman

Happy New Year! Elizabeth Craft Designs is celebrating the start of 2018 with a Shimmer Sheetz Sunday Giveaway! Three lucky winners will each receive three 5″x12″ 3-sheet packs of Shimmer Sheetz in the colors of your choice. Leave a comment about today’s project or any other project featuring Shimmer Sheetz (your own or something from the ECD blog) at the end of this post by January 4 to enter the random drawing. Winners’ names will be announced on January 7.

This is my last Shimmer Sheetz Sunday post for 2017 and it’s all about getting a new wardrobe for 2018…one that doesn’t require shedding ten pounds, needs no trip to the mall, costs very little and you can make it yourself! No, we’re not talking about clothes – this wardrobe is for your smart phone!

When I went to get a new protective case for my phone I couldn’t find anything that seemed just right, so I bought a simple translucent gray one, but it was so boring and plain that I took matters into my own hands: I made a Shimmer Sheetz ‘liner’ for it! A piece of Turquoise Gemstone and an embossing folder with a bird, and my phone was suddenly a thing of beauty instead of a simple black rectangle.

I showed it to a friend who thought that the concept was fabulous. She also suggested that I buy a transparent case instead, and that made an enormous difference – as you can see from the photos below. She bought herself a transparent case for her iPhone and put me to work making phone case liners for her.

I was off and running…They take about five minutes each, start to finish!

Not only did I make seven liners for my friend, I made eight more for myself. We’re dubbing it a ‘wardrobe’ for our phones! (I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been using a LOT of exclamation points…This project makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I can change the look of my phone as often as I want, matching it to an outfit or an event, a holiday or a season. I have quite a collection of embossing folders!!!

Shimmer Sheetz is feather-weight Mylar so the liners are durable and do not interfere with the fit of the protective case or with my wireless charger.



If your protective case is clear, the color of the Shimmer Sheetz won’t change when it’s placed underneath, but it will change if the case is translucent. Test the Shimmer Sheetz to see what color looks good to your eye. When I made my first liner I only had the translucent gray phone case, so I tested small swatches of Shimmer Sheetz until I settled on Turquoise Gemstone. As soon as I got the clear case I could use any color (there are over 20) and all three different categories – Iridescent, Gemstone, and Metallic!


When sanded, Shimmer Sheetz Gemstone colors reveal a silver metallic core. When sanded, Shimmer Sheetz Iridescent colors reveal a white opaque core while Metallic colors sand down to transparent. Keep this in mind when choosing your color(s).

There will be less contrast, but more sparkle, if you skip the sanding.


  1. Trace the case and cut out a paper pattern. Test, adjust and re-cut till it’s the perfect fit inside the phone case, then cut a piece of Shimmer Sheetz to size. Test, adjust, and trim the Shimmer Sheetz if needed.


  1. Place the Shimmer Sheetz into an embossing folder*, moving it around until the pattern is precisely where you want it to appear. Run it through the embossing machine. (*If your embossing folder is shorter than your phone, emboss the top third with one pattern, re-insert the Shimmer Sheetz and emboss the bottom two thirds with a second design – or more of the first pattern.)


  1. To add a bit of contrast, lightly sand the surface. Wipe off the sanded ‘dust’ with a damp paper towel, dry with a dry paper towel.


  1. Insert the embossed Shimmer Sheetz under the protective case and put the case on your phone.




Elizabeth Craft Designs:


Embossing folders of choice

Cuttlebug, Big Shot, or other embossing machine

Sanding block (optional)

Paper towels (needed if liner is sanded)

Lightweight paper for pattern

Clear phone case that fits your smart phone

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